Our Story

Why Future Fish

Unfortunately, ocean stocks of salmon are in rapid decline - according to the WWF, there has been a 50% worldwide decline in Atlantic salmon over the last 20 years. Commercial fishing and environmental changes have been the driving factor of this decline. Market prices and demand for Salmon continue to rise by 20% annually with no sign of that abating. Land-based RAS technology was born out of the need to satisfy this demand and overcome the many shortcomings caged salmon farming.

The use of RAS technology has succeeded in eliminating the usual concerns regarding farmed salmon. In traditional sea cages, thousands of caged salmon escape and mate with wild populations. This creates hybrids which have a poor survival rate and decimate wild salmon populations. Using land-based RAS technology ensures this cannot happen. Also, there’s zero risk of fish waste contaminating the marine environment and there’s a vastly reduced risk of disease.

No impact on marine biology

The cage farming industry uses open net-cages placed directly in the ocean, where farm waste, chemicals, disease and parasites are released into the waters, harming other marine life. When using RAS technology all waste is transformed into renewable energy and algae production.

What You Get

Our salmon is all natural and rich in proteins, minerals, heart healthy omega-3s and vitamins. Our salmon contain both the taste and health benefits you'd expect from wild salmon, without the environmental concerns associated with overfishing or conventional salmon farming.

100% Irish

Future Fish is 100% Irish, fresh from our facility. We believe in giving back to the Irish economy and creating local jobs in aquaculture. We support our local community and are working to ensure Ireland stays at the forefront of global aquaculture.

When you choose Future Fish you're choosing

Sustainable Salmon Source

You get all the benefits of wild salmon without the negative environmental impacts.

A Healthy Planet

Land-based farms have succeeded in eliminating previous concerns about fish farming.

Delicious Salmon

Salmon is harvested and transported as efficiently; it's fresh, firm and full of flavor.


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