Sustainable Salmon


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Environmentally Friendly – Using the latest land-based RAS technology ensures that our production has absolutely no negative impact on marine ecology.

Made in Ireland - Future Fish is 100% Irish, fresh from our facility. We believe in supporting our local community and creating local jobs in aquaculture.

Recycling Waste - Using waste byproducts we produce renewable energy and algae. We do our best to ensure we have the lowest possible carbon footprint and a positive impact on the environment.

Preventing Overfishing -Overfishing is decimating wild salmon populations. Commercial fishing trawlers are killing wild salmon and threatening the species as a whole. Future Fish is working towards providing a healthy, sustainable alternative.

Traditional Salmon Farming


Choose Future Fish | Make The Right Choice

Traditional salmon farming methods use open net-cages placed directly into the ocean, where farm waste, chemicals, disease and parasites are released directly into the surrounding waters, harming other marine life. This has many negative impacts:

Waste byproducts - We recycle our waste byproducts to create renewable energy. In caged farming excess salmon feed (and excrement) settles to the bottom of the sea-floor, which pollutes the area, leading to mass fish deaths.

Antibiotics - Unlike in open net-cages, our salmon are raised without the use of hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. Antibiotics are used in cage farmed salmon aquaculture to control infections. This results in antibiotics passing into the environment, negatively impacting wildlife and other organisms.

Cage Salmon Escapes - In traditional sea cages, thousands of caged salmon escape and mate with wild populations. This creates 'hybrids' which infiltrate wild populations with disastrous results for the wild salmon populations. This can occur in dangerously high numbers as the sea-cages are susceptible to storm damage.

Delicious Salmon


Choose Future Fish | Make The Right Choice

From Farm to Table – Salmon is prepared locally to ensure it's delicious, fresh and firm. With less time spent in ships and trucks our salmon has optimal freshness.

Made in Ireland - Future Fish is 100% Irish, fresh from our facility. Our state of art facility ensures you have a reliable source of healthy salmon that has a positive impact on the wild salmon population.

Antibiotic-Free - Our salmon are raised with without the use of hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. It's rich in proteins, minerals, healthy omega-3s and vitamins. It's is 100% traceable so you know exactly what you're eating.

A Healthy Conscience - Our salmon contains both the taste and health benefits you'd expect from wild salmon, without the environmental concerns associated with overfishing or conventional sea-based salmon farming.

When you choose Future Fish you're choosing

Sustainable Salmon Source

You get all the benefits of wild salmon without the negative environmental impacts.

A Healthy Planet

Land-based farms have succeeded in eliminating previous concerns about fish farming.

Delicious Salmon

Salmon is harvested and transported as efficiently; it's fresh, firm and full of flavor.


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